Lying in the vastness of the eastern Serengeti, this exquisitely designed tented camp has views of endless savannahs, which for part of the year are covered in the great wildebeest herds on their epic annual Migration through this part of Tanzania.

Leaving a light footprint on the environment and closing only during the wettest months of April and May, this camp  collects fresh water from springs within the park and uses solar power for lighting.

The eight tents are large and spacious, grand in design yet subtle too, their lines following those of the landscape. Meals are cooked over campfires and served outside as often as possible, adding an authentic touch to this contemporary camp.

As for wildlife, the main show is between August and December when migrating wildebeest and zebra arrive to feast on the fresh grass of the Serengeti. Resident predators such as lions, cheetahs and spotted hyena are very active and there is plenty of predator-prey interaction. Such is the wealth and diversity of wildlife in this area of the Serengeti, however, that year-round game viewing of the highest quality can be enjoyed here. Morning and afternoon drives are augmented by guided walks and hot-air balloon safaris.