The De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre, also known as Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre is a captive breeding facility for South African cheetahs and other animals that is situated in the foothills of the Magaliesberg mountain range (near Brits and the Hartbeespoort Dam) in the North West Province of South Africa. Get an up close look at one of Africa's most illusive cats on this five-hour tour of the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre. Follow your knowledgable guide through the incredible center, learn about conservation efforts and gain a deeper understanding of the beautiful creatures.

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah and Wildlife Trust was set up in 1971 to protect the cheetah At the time only 600 cheetahs existed in South Africa. Since then the Cheetah Research Centre has successfully bred over 750 cheetahs and 500 wild dogs, which have been relocated across the country.

De Wildt is renowned for its breeding success of rare and endangered species. The very rare King Cheetah was first bred here and similar success has been achieved in breeding Wild Dog, Brown Hyena, Blue Duiker, Suni Antelope and various species of vultures. The tour coincides with feeding time, so you’ll be able to observe these animals feeding in a natural, but controlled, habitat.The success of this project has encouraged the centre to expand it's conservation efforts to help several other species that are under threat, including the brown hyena, wild dog, serval, suni, bontebok, blue duiker, red duiker, riverine rabbit and vultures.

In 1990 the De Wildt Vulture Unit was set to rehabilitate sick and injured vultures, which can then be released back into the wild once they have recovered.


The Cheetah Run: The ambassador cheetahs at the Centre are exercised three times a week as part of an enrichment programme. This entails the cheetahs chasing a high speed lure and visitors are able to witness the cheetah moving at speed. This activity offers some excellent photographic opportunities, and also includes informational our with Cheetah feeding

Alternatively, enjoy a 3 hr cheetah interaction and informational our with Cheetah feeding!